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The SubmittalCheck Process Overview

It's the simplest way of verifying the interest of a candidate and the credibility of a staffing agency. Here's how it works.

Once the staffing agency identifies an ideal candidate they send an electronic submittal authorization request for verification and proof of full job disclosure directly from the SubmittalCheck portal to the candidate.

The candidate is now empowered to electronically authorize their resume submittal to the staffing agency for the position. Once authorization is given, SubmittalCheck automatically creates the Authorization Certificate with date and time stamp.

The staffing agency includes the Authorization Certificate with the resume and submits to their client or their client's MSP, VOP, VMS, or ATS system for consideration. Done!

HR Gains Efficiency

The client now has the knowledge that the candidate is fully engaged and interested in the position, third party verification of the staffing agency relationship, and protection from any candidate ownership dispute. Simple, secure, easy to implement and best of all it's free to hiring companies and jobseekers. Staffing agencies pay only a nominal per submittal fee to use it.

A better policy creates a smarter process

Thanks to the SubmittalCheck invention, Employers can reshape their submittal policy by including the vendor submittal instructions that's embedded in the application which reads, "Our Company has mandated the use of SubmittalCheck, a third party sole right-to-represent verification system, to prevent double submittals and receive only candidate authorized submissions." "Going forward, all submittals must include a SubmittalCheck Authorization Certificate."