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Using Technology to Solve the Biggest Problem in the Employment Industry

About UsHaving been in the staffing industry for years, we have firsthand experience and know both sides of successful staffing and hiring.

We, too, suffered the financial losses associated with double submissions and right-to-represent issues.

We also knew there had to be a simple, logical way to eliminate these problems and better serve the staffing and hiring community as a whole.

And that's when technology met necessity and we knew we had created exactly what is needed to highlight the professionalism of our best colleagues and weed out the unscrupulous fly-by-nighters who are discrediting the industry. SubmittalCheck has been real-world tested by our executives who have nearly 100 combined years in the employment industry.

As staffing veterans, you can rely on us to show you how SubmittalCheck can save you time and money while bolstering your sales and your reputation.