Employers Staffing Agencies

Close the gap between your internal recruiting and your staffing agencies' efforts.

In the war for talent, are your staffing agencies effectively communicating your opportunities? In these days of email blasts and job boards, the art of conversation-based recruiting from your staffing partners is fading into a commoditized free-for-all. You can't tell them how to run their businesses but you can set some rules of engagement for interacting with yours.

Demand more than a keyword match

Keyword matches in a resume only go so far. What about communication skills and genuine candidate interest? SubmittalCheck ensures that a conversation takes place on your behalf between a jobseeker and an agency recruiter.

SubmittalCheck re-defines the role of the jobseeker to that of an active participant and gives confirmation that all three interested parties - the jobseeker, the staffing agency and your company are on the same page from the beginning.

SubmittalCheck gives an organization that works with staffing agencies three distinct benefits:

  • Assurance that every candidate is viable and engaged.
  • The elimination of blind and double submittals using patent-pending technology.
  • An environment of unconditional transparency.

See for yourself how SubmittalCheck can help you get more from your agency relationships. Invite the staffing agencies you work with to use SubmittalCheck and in one easy step, you're helping them protect their reputation and their recruiting investment - they'll even receive 5 free credits to get them started.